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Elevating Architectural and Commercial Spaces through Animation. Offering Fantasy Animation and More to Ignite Imagination.

Fantasy Animations for Etherland

For this project, we closely collaborated with the company's vision, creating six animations, each representing a stage of human civilization. From a foundational civilization to one projected in the year 2150.


Each Animation Evolving in Complexity.

Stage 01

Base Civilization

After establishing the base island with water simulations, we further enhanced the scene by simulating fabrics for the huts. During the night-time transition, we incorporated and produced a realistic fire simulation for the campfire.

Stage 02

Wooden Age

In this stage, we integrated additional fire simulations for the torches. We also introduced artificial lighting to simulate small interior fires within each house, which are activated only during nighttime.

Stage 03

Iron Age

At this stage, we generated smoke simulations and crafted a basic animation for the water mill.

Stage 04

Industrial Revolution

In this stage, our focus was on creating and sustaining smoke simulations consistently throughout the video. To depict the cart delivering coal to each factory, we employed path constraints and specialized plugins to project the cart's trajectory onto the irregular terrain.

Stage 05

Current Era

In this stage, our priority was to depict the movement of cars alongside an airplane arriving and taking off. Achieving this required utilizing the path constraint method exclusively.

Stage 06

Year 2150

In the final stage, we elevated the level of detail compared to previous stages. Utilizing proxies and patch constraints, we brought flying cars to life. However, what truly captivated attention in this stage was the contrasting lighting, creating a vivid cyberpunk atmosphere.

Architectural Animation

Architectural animation is crucial for conveying the dynamic and immersive experience of architectural designs, providing stakeholders with a vivid understanding of spatial relationships, aesthetics, and functionality.

Casa Carol

Front Facade 

A concise animation highlighting the project's front facade.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting project.

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